Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"
Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"

Squirrel Feeder "Picnic"

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This is a beautiful feeder in the shape of a picnic table, meant to be used for feeding squirrels, but will also work as a bird feeder if you don't have many squirrels in your yard.

This feeder is made from a solid and thick ashwood block, which makes it heavy enough to stay in place and not wobble even when a lot of squirrels are eating and actively playing around it. It can be attached to the tree, fence, or house wall, or just left to be standing on the grass - squirrels and birds will still see it if you leave some nuts or seeds in it.

The brown and light-colored wood is a natural and ecological ashwood block. To get ashwood that eye-catching brown color we used brown paint. We knew that this feeder will be standing outside, so we took care to prevent environmental damage to it, which could happen if the weather gets very nasty. We applied a layer of oil, and then another layer of transparent protective lacquer, that will prevent the feeder from scratches, rain, and other bad weather conditions. It will also give a nice feeling to it, and in case you ever want to clean it - it will be very easy, as the surface is very smooth.

The feeder comes in a box disassembled, but don't worry! Assembling is fun, it's only 5 parts, that attach together very easily and hold very strong. If you're still feeling insecure about it - just put a thin layer of superglue and you'll never be able to separate parts again. You'll also find instructions on how to assemble the feeder. 


We can add a small tablet with your custom engraving, just leave a note to us with the wanted text.


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Natural Ashwood

Natural Wood

Easy assemble

Universal Use

Personalization Available 

36x21x15 cm / 14x8x6 "

1.58 kg / 3.7 lb



EUROPE: 8-15 days
AUSTRALIA: 20-35 days

We Promise, you'll like it! 

Made and designed in Lithuania