Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)
Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)
Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)
Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)
Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)

Wooden Piggy Bank Heart (M, Engraving)

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This is a beautiful Hearth Shape Piggy Bank, that was meant to gift for important occasions, such as weddings or wedding anniversaries. It can also be a memorable couple gift or gift for a wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend as a Christmas present, Christmas Eve, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's day, Easter, or just a regular day meeting or date surprise gift. It will be a memorable gift and a nice room decoration at the same time, that someone will see every day and remember your care about them.

We know how much you care and want only the best for your love, so we picked only the finest and long-lasting materials to ensure lifetime use and prevent any wear. Each one is Handmade, assembled, polished, and inspected to meet the quality standard. The piggy bank's frame is made from a solid one-piece hard natural and ecological ashwood block, that is environmentally friendly and certified. Throughout our whole carrier, we never had a case of the wooden frame breaking. The Front Glass is made of organic glass, which is also environmentally friendly and made only from recycled materials. Also, it is proven to be a lot stronger than regular glass, and that is the main reason we picked it for this piece. The glass is attached with steel screws, that can be removed together with the glass to take out the savings, and later screwed back on to start the saving journey again. We have an optional brown color, that can be used to give the wood a darkish brown look while keeping the original wood pattern visible. It's completely optional, so we let you pick the color of your choice. Last but not least - the piggy bank will be covered in a thin layer of oil, to prevent scratching and wear, and also give a nice slight gloss to the surface of the piggy bank, which looks really nice in our opinion.

Engraving. People just love getting something, that was meant only for them (who wouldn't?). Take this extra step to think of a nice quote or phrase, or an inside joke that only you and your love will understand. Even a simple "I Love You, ... " or "I miss You, ... " would mean a lot. And if you decide to leave it empty - it's still a really nice gift, just don't forget to tell them how much you love them.

Here are some copy-paste symbols if you want to leave it along with the engraving message: 🖤 ❤ ♥ ♡
If you want any other symbols - please send us a message together with the symbol.

Anything else - please message us and we will get back to you very quickly - we know that sometimes time matters a lot ;)

MEASUREMENTS: 16x17x4cm / 6.29x6.69x1.57

WEIGHT: ~400 grams / 0.95 lb


Natural and Ecological Ashwood Block
Acrylic Glass
Brown Paint (Optional)

ITEM ID: Natural - BANK026


Give us 2-3 days to make the piggy bank, and then after shipped you'll receive it:

EUROPE: 8-15 days
AUSTRALIA: 20-35 days


We Promise, you'll like it!

Made and designed in Lithuania