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This is stylish, long and dark brown colored wooden box for wine or champagne bottle. This beautiful box is a wooden piece of art. It has flexible and very comfy opening that is fastening with a wooden clip or fastener. Box also has artfully made miniature of gift boxes pile that is placed in the front of this box. Wooden garlands miniatures are also placed in front and on both sides of the box. “Happy Birthday” is cut in the front thus will suit birthday occasions of your darling people!

Box can be carried easily, thanks to a wide enough cavity for hand. Just pick it and gift to someone you want to impress. Perfect wine/champagne bottle box for a special drink, for a special occasion.

This same box is made for other occasions, like Anniversary or Christmas. Check them in my shop and pick the right one that suits you more.

9.6x40x9.6cm cm / 3.8×15.7×3.8″

310g / 0.68lbs

– Birch plywood, dark brown colored
– Wooden fastener – I have added 2 fasteners, where 1 is necessary to close the box from above and 1 is additional, just in case.