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This is long and sturdy knife rack that is mounted to the wall. It has simple, clear and rustic design made from solid ash tree wood block. This knife block is a long lasting item, that will serve you well for many years as a holder of all your kitchen knifes. Knife block has 6 holes for various knifes from biggest to smallest. Here are the measurements of each hole:

2.3×0.6 cm / 0.9×0.23″
2.7×0.6 cm / 1.1×0.23″
3.3×0.6 cm / 1.3×0.23″
3.5×0.6 cm / 1.4×0.23″
4.0×0.6 cm / 1.6×0.23″
4.6×0.6 cm / 1.8×0.23″

This kitchen accessory is a must have item for each family. It can serve as a perfect housewarming gift, grandparents, parents gift, gift for both wife and husband, cooker gift, Christmas gift and more!

To mount this knife holder to a wall you will need small screws (not included). Measurements of screws: max diameter of head of a screw 1 cm / 0.4″. Max diameter of screw body 0.45 cm / 0.2″.

– Solid ash tree wood, oiled
– Metallic (aluminium) plates in the back side
– Small metallic screws

35x4x4 cm / 13.8×1.6×1.6″

400g / 0.88 lb