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This unique design wooden, one-piece desk organizer will definitely make your desk more organized and your life much easier. Slots for pencils/pens, phone space are so comfy in use: besides, all the small items, business cards and even mail – in the right order and right before your eyes. Ergonomic design of this desk organizer is just amazing and so very unique! Two colors and usage of two different materials in creation of this item as well as elegant, round shapes, look quite sophisticated. This desk organizer can be gifted just to any person you want to impress – from your boss or teacher, to just any of your family member and kids!


In the drop-down menu, please select whether you want this organizer to be engraved.
If you want an engraving, please also pick the place where you want customization engraving to appear and together with actual wording-engraving message send me in the NOTE TO SELLER, when making a purchase.


25×5.8×4.3 cm / 9.8×2.3×1.7″

Phone slot measurements: 8×1.3 cm / 3.1×0.5″

290 g / 0.64 lbs

– Ash tree wood, brown staines
– Acrylic glass, white colored